Speaking roses business plan

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Guns N' Roses

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Speaking Roses

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Speaking Roses - an exciting international business that gives you the opportunity to produce, sell and distribute this unique product, printing directly on live, fresh flowers and.

From the very beginning, the staff at Speaking Roses has been very helpful in all our endeavors to build a successful business. My wife, Kimberly, and I work full-time jobs and found this business perfect for our schedule.

Speaking Roses uses a patented process to emboss messages, photos, and logos directly onto the petals of live, fresh flowers. The license to produce and distribute this product is being offered to entrepreneurs all over the world, and is already in 30 countries worldwide.

Speaking Roses

Speaking Roses - an exciting international business that gives you the opportunity to produce, sell and distribute this unique product, printing directly on live, fresh flowers and plants, by becoming an official licensee.

Speaking roses business plan
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